Regina Spring Free From Racism


In 2016 Spring Free From Racism will be celebrating the 17th year for the Family Day Celebration at the Italian Club on March 20, 2016. From its inception the event has been growing in attendance to well over 5000 in some years and no attendance fee is charged.

The committee is hosting this event through donations and by groups performing at no cost. With the advertisement and other expenses increasing this is becoming more difficult. We want to continue to offer it as a free event so every family in our community is able to attend. In order to continue to do this we will be having fundraising activities this year.

We have been receiving requests from groups to perform, have a display table or to sell food or crafts. The cut-off date to apply this year by is January 5,2016 There will be a $75.00 deposit fee for all tables for food, displays or crafts which $50.00 will be returned in cash at the end of the day if all guidelines in contract are met. Hopefully this will assist in groups setting up on time, or those that do not clean up their area or follow the guidelines that are presented. It is suggested that finger foods be served as it allows for more tasting from around the room.

For entertainers it is important to stay within the time allotted as it causes problems for your fellow performers. Many individuals or groups work their performance time around members work schedules, shifts in the food or display area or personal obligations. We try to respect this by moving the program on time but always end up off schedule because some groups add a dance or spend more time in their introductions. Please advise by Jan 5th if you wish to introduce your group or if you can give us a bio to introduce the group. All of the music should be in CD form this year and the songs in order to how the dances will be performed. If you need extra mics or chairs please advise before. Please forward all bio’s by Feb 20, 2016. Each year we have had some groups that have not shown up that were scheduled to which is too bad as we have had to turn some other groups away due to lack of space. If that happens this year we will not be able to ask that group back next year.

Food and Display requests will be accepted on a first come basis and must meet the criteria outlined by the committee which is to represent diversity, multiculturism and our theme of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. A recommendation we may suggest is that if you have a display it may assist if you bring a light and extension cord to show your display. Do not bring large signs that will hide a display beside you. NO TAPE is allowed on the walls to hang posters etc. Your food or display or craft booth must be set up by 11:00 am. Selection of which table you are out is done by me prior to the day. Groups are rotated to give everyone a different place yearly. If you have a special request please reply to me with your rationale. We try to please everyone. Due to problems with power outage we do not allow large electrical frying pans, deep fryers etc. Please see contract.

If you are no longer the person that should be receiving this for your group please forward it and advise us of the new contact and email so we can change our data base.

We have enclosed also the contract which must be signed and returned to the address below.

If you have any volunteers from your organization that would like to help out that day Please advise.

For more info see or our website at:

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call or text Barb at 306-537-9509.

I would like to thank you for your anticipated participation in this important day and we would also like to help you by promoting any activities or fundraisers you may have in the upcoming year.

Sincerely yours,


Barb Dedi